I’m in a love/hate relationship

I’m in a love/hate relationship….with running.  I started ‘trying’ to run two or three years ago.  I’ve done two 5K’s with a friend of mine, who was gracious enough to forgo a better finish time and to run/walk them with me.  She told me that after finishing one 5K, I’d be addicted and you know what, she was right!  I have even ran one this past fall by myself , when none of my runner friends was able to come with.  I wasn’t able to keep running the entire time, but I was able to run 2 full miles and that was farther than I’ve been able to do before.  Now, I’m bound and determined to run an entire 5K this year.

The problem is:  I hate running….but, I also love it.
I’ve never been a really athletic when it came to running.  I used to always get the achy side, burning legs and shortness of breath caused by my exercise induced asthma.  I hate all of those issues and they way they make me feel.  BUT I absolutely love how refreshed I feel when I’m done!  There’s nothing like the surge of energy and sense of accomplishment feel when I complete a workout.

As a mom, it’s hard to find time for myself.  Between the kid’s activities, house work, dentist visits, doctor visits and work, it’s easy to find excuses for not getting out to exercise.  We moms have to sneak it in when ever we can and sometimes we need to get creative!

  • Use your lunch hour.
  • If your kids are old enough leave the kids home for a short time, while you take a run.
  • If your kids aren’t old enough to stay home, have them grab their bike or scooter and come with you or put them in a stroller and get the extra benefit of pushing your little ones along with you.
  • Take an hour in the evening and leave the kids home with dad.
  • If you don’t have an hour, just fit in as much as you can.  Some exercise is better than none!


If you’re a bit apprehensive about starting to run, here are a few things that helped give me enough ‘push’ to keep going.

  1. If you hate treadmill, get outside.
    • I can’t stand running on a treadmill.  I need to see myself making progress.  Running outside I can see where I’ve been and see where I’m going.
  2. When you are starting, set a location type goal.
    • Run as far as you can and be OK with that.  When you have done that, look ahead and find your next goal.  It doesn’t have to be far, it’s a progression.  You don’t have to run a 5K right away.
  3. Find a friend to run with you.  It doesn’t matter if they are experienced or not.
    • When I was running/walking my first 5K my friend, Lisa, ran with me.  She encouraged me, pushed me and gave me a lot of tips while we ran.
    •  Even if your partner is inexperienced, you can encourage each other and push each other
  4. Sign up for a local 5K in the near future, to keep you motivated.
    • It doesn’t have to be one of the big ones.  Find a fun run in your community.  Or if you think you need the push find one of the less expensive timed races.  This will help get you out the door to train and give you some motivation.  On the day of your race, don’t worry about how much you are running and/or walking, just do your best!
    • If you can get a friend to sign up with you, you can keep each other company and encourage each other through the race.  If you don’t have anyone to run with, don’t worry.  Grab your headset and rock out to your favorite tunes while you head to the finish line.  I’ve done this before and it’s not bad, everyone at the races are very friendly so you’ll still have a great time

Share your tips below.